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渐变色jsk summer dream目前确认有三个颜色的小量现货掉落,分别是冰蓝,枯木和玫瑰,薄荷和酒红已经预约完售…如果想入现货的姑娘请私戳我!现货价格是588,没有手袖,大概9月10号左右发货…(如果我娘身体情况许可会提早发。。)上传图片到wb太损了,还是戳这里看吧:

If people dont buy this up by 1 sept, the rest will be brought to australia to sell through aussie storefront

Anonymous said: I think Little Dipper's new release (Skirt & JSK) was supposed to come out today (18/8), any reason why it hasn't? Not sure if this is too vague :(

Lol i remember yesterday night lots of girls were whining in the chinesw group chat, complaining about delays or something. Not sure if related. Will try to make time to check for you!

Having problem with images not loading on taobao?!


update: pressing forward works too!

here’s the afternoon dessert buffet JSK

this shop is NEW, there is no guarantee for shipping time or quality

Anonymous said: Which surface spell JSK sold out?

wings of invisible

i was sitting in front of my computer, wondering if i should buy one,

i refreshed at 8:59pm, it said “sales have not begun”

i refreshed at 9:00pm, it said “item is sold out” - transaction log said “14 transactions logged”

i refreshed at 9:01pm, it said “item is sold out” - “40 transactions logged”

it was a deadly, silent battlefield.

Anonymous said: I missed out for the Surface Spell JSK ;_; How likely are they to restock?

I’m sorry to say, it sold out in less than a minute

I don’t think they will restock either. You might have better luck with re-sellers, because some re-sellers already make arrangement with taobao shops to set aside stock for them. but re-sellers put a very high mark up…it depends on how much you want the dress i guess

mochigirisu said: For that link to the Afternoon Dessert Buffet Dress: catsbroom @ taobao

ahhh thanks!!

Do you happen to know where these dresses are from?  Loli-loli Paradise calls them “Afternoon dessert buffet”. Thank you!

Yea a I saw them but I’m on my phone I bookmarked it on my computer It’s a super new ish shop with no reputstion iirc