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現貨首發全款優惠價 Dress is in stock. Special discount already applied. 
預約全款優惠價 You are placing a reservation. You’re paying the full price of the dress. Special discount already applied. 
分期無優惠定金需確認 You are paying by installments. You’re not eligible for any discount.

紺x紺 Navy x Navy
紺x白 Navy x White
水藍x白 Light blue x white

Original price is 876CNY If you select “dress is in stock” you are entitled to 10% discount. The price after discount is 789CNY.

We welcome split payments, you have to place a deposit of 300CNY.
(if you select this, it’s just like doing a normal regularish taobao reservation)

Some instructions for your taobao SS if you select “pay by installments”

If you select “reservation” or “installment” there is the option of custom sizing - you need to pay extra 80-100rmb - it depends.

Washing: Recommended to dry clean, it is okay to handwash or machine wash on gentle


(1) 均分期定金[需提前確認聯係改價
This means that you’re reserving a JSK. You will pay a deposit of 300RMB and pay the remainder after the JSK is ready. Because you’re splitting your payments, you don’t enjoy any discount.

(2) 均码預約全價優惠
This means you’re reserving a JSK, paying the full price right now. You enjoy a discounted total which is 789CNY. You are choosing the size as “Freesize” 

紺 Navy
水藍 Light blue / Aqua

Mannequin photos are the most accurate to real life colour, but due to different photography and display settings some colour difference is unavoidable

If you select option (1) you can CHOOSE if you want custom sizing. This is an extra 80-100rmb and you need to speak to r series to confirm

washing instructions - same as onepiece, 


Options S, M, L <these 3 options are ready stock 
"定做[需要加拍請咨詢客服" <custom make, add extra 50-80rmb, contact r series for details

material is “artificial silk” 

colours are white and navy

绀x绀預約 Navy x Navy reservation
绀x白預約 Navy x White reservation
水蓝x白現貨 Light blue/Aqua x White ready stock

During the reservation period, we accept custom size orders for an additiona 50-80CNY
Recommend to dry wash, can handwash or machine wash on dry cycle. Words in red are: IT HAS TO BE IN COLD WATER

Ista Mori - Effie’s Rose Garden Skirt

1 August 8:00pm. Will be sold as ready stock.

The measurements are embedded in picture form, you can use this guide because I don’t have time to translate

Ista Mori - Effie’s Rose Garden Blouse

1 August 8:00pm. Will be sold as ready stock.

The measurements are embedded in picture form, you can use this guide because I don’t have time to translate

Anonymous said: hello, I am trying to figure out what is going on with le flacon's un ange one piece. It lists the price at 9999 yuan which seems to indicate that it is sold out, but nothing else on the page seems to indicate that. I tried putting it through google translate but it did nothing but say the language was haitian creole

you didn’t even send an item link….?

anything that is 999999yuan is not for sale. if you try to purchase that item, the seller will reject you and refund your payment. everything in taobao is in chinese.


Finally! Thank you all for your patience!

Luna in the sea, the new designed print of R=SERIES is going to be release at 9 p.m. 29th July, tomorrow.

The index page of the design series is HERE.

Check HERE to know how to order by e-mail and pay with Paypal.

Welcome any question. :D

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Previously somebody asked about bypassing the need for a phone number to sign up for weibo…basically you click the button that says “i don’t have a phone, i will verify with my email instead” but I’ll just screencap a whole walkthrough.

Here you go.

Note: If you choose to not disclose ANY personal info, when you log in to weibo the next time, it is likely they will prompt you to give them information like your education history or something like that. When that happens, just open a new tab and go to “” and close the tab where they ask you for your information. This always works for me.

I want to check if this guide still works. If you want to make a weibo account and you realise that the website has changed, please let me know

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Summer Dream JSK

Magicatstreet International Shopfront:

They accept paypal and ship directly to you. Magicatstreet has been contacted by certain shopping services that tried to haggle the prices of the reservation pieces (lol ^_^;) and the owner has expressed, she would prefer customers to contact them directly. 

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Preview for “Don’t you know I’m such a shinyshiny unicorn” 

Post-reservation notice

This dress is now ready for collection!