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KiraKira Rose Headpiece: 48yuan ~ 7,80$ ~ 6,10€

kpossibles said: Just wondering, why haven't you been updating recently? It seems like there's been a lot of tb releases....

some personal stuff happened, and then i started college a couple of weeks ago so im still settling down and getting used to stuff.

srsly stalking the shit out of taobao brands actually takes quite a bit of time (probably because of my poor mandarin lol) and i always feel like i have to get into the momentum of it - especially since indie brands like to post previews with unpredictable actual release dates, reserves are delayed, so in order to be “in the know” i need to pay attention to stuff on a regular basis.

unforunately it seems like either i actively run this blog, or i don’t at all, i can’t really find an “in between” whereby i check for a taobao release once in a while. if i do that, i’m not really in the know of what’s going on and i don’t like to report false information about releases and mislead other lolitas

i hope my answer makes sense lol i slept 3 hours yesterday. 

my email is in the header so YES you are welcome to shoot a message any time for a quick translation, although whether i reply depends on how complicated your question is lol

Anonymous said: Do you happen to know if/when écailles De Lune will be releasing ready stock for their Forest Of Pipe Organ series (specifically the blouse)? I missed the reservation and I tried getting a SS to contact them but they are not answering my SS >:( Thanks♥

a few months ago, they were saying “reserved pieces will be out in september” but i didnt keep up to date as to whether there were any delays

morielduath said: Hi, I just found out about Ecailles de Lune's Forest of the Pipe Organ and fell in love with the OP (&id=41114513468). As I understand the page is for those who had a reservation. Since I am to late for the reservation, I wonder if there will be some in-stock pieces later? So if you know something about it, I would be very happy if you answer me! Thank you in advance!

im too out of date with things to answer this question…sorry

Anonymous said: So I really loved this dress &id=40138622711 by Chess story but the smallest they sell is a medium which is at least a few inches too big at each measurement (which is upsetting) Can you suggest any similar dresses at that kind of price (preferably taobao) in a small? Thank you! Also, thanks for having such a great blog because it is super helpful!

off my head i can think of miss point, ichigo15, idk try looking at those shops

rymdstoft said: Hello i was wondering if you know the term for beret in chinese? I've been looking everywhere but i can't seem to find it. This is just a random shot so if you don't know im sorry for wasting your time, have a good day.



underbritches said: &id=39577103577 How can I get my hands on one of these? I'm wondering because the blue one is PERFECT.

OK back when i was actively checking weibo/taobao releases

the owner of this indie brand said they’re gonna move operations to storenvy/australia

and their tumblr is here


Anonymous said: Apparently,You can't access Tieba Baidu unless you are registered.

you need an email account to register a tieba account

if you can’t wade through the Chinese uhmm 

right click a link > copy link address > open a new tab > paste and go