leflacon OP re-release


too lazy to post pictures, sorry. mori girls go grab some.

Posted 24 July 1pm.

[Preview] Alice’s Mad Tea Party Series ~ We will release this as ready stock either this weekend or next weekend~ There are 3 different styles, also, the blouse in this preview pic comes in five colours~ more details to come


Sneak peek of R-SERIES, the “luna in the sea” series.

Now we’ve got the model photos!

This series has a JSK, an OP, a blouse, 2 kinds of wrist cuff, a hair pin and a head dress, 8 items in all.

We are trying to released they all in next week, and I’ll post the details on my blog. XD

Welcome then!!

Thank you very much!

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technically these are called 颈圈 but that’s the exact same word for what we have “choker” in English. Anyway these neck ruffle things are pretty much considered as kinda, uh, ancient european/western clothing, so it’s hard to find it on taobao. 

If you try to look it up, you’ll just find back fanplusfriend on taobao.

as for the specific photo you linked me, i think she may have searched for something along the lines of 领子 蕾丝 颈圈 (which would make it a variation of those detachable collars, instead of it being a ruff itself)

Pink Up Creations - Jellyfish Series (International Shop)

Details on their international shop can be found here (click me)

Taobao - Lolita terms

to add:

1. peignoirs

2。fawn print

3. bloomers

Updates will be reflected here:


What are some lolita-specific terms you would like to know in Chinese?

There are many resources out there for generic taobao shopping and the keywords/terms you need to look up when google translate is not working. However I would like to build a lolita or harajuku-fashion related list of terms. For example jumperskirt and salopette are 背带裙, hair corsage丸子发饰, bonnet BB帽, etc.

This information isn’t solely for me or solely for you, once I have it in the lolita taobao sheet every body can refer to it, so even if you’re not looking for something specific but some lolita word crosses your mind please let me know?

Here is another Chinese Lolita who is a delegated leader to order from Long Ears and Sharp Ears Studio + Pink Up Creations - 


Including Pink Up’s Jellyfish print.

I’ll post pictures tomorrow if I have the time!

Pumpkin Cat - Whales with bulbous heads are not appetising JSK

Reservations open tonight, 22 July 2014.

Empire Waist JSK starts at 20:45

Regular waist JSK starts at 21:00

OP starts at 21:15

The shop owner is still in the midst of writing up the item description It’s not complete yet. (Hence the pictures showing wang feihong stopping you / cat sitting on the potty - their captions are actually telling you to check back later for full item info)

it has been so long since i cleaned up the shopping sheet (and it badly needs cleaning up…)

as you can see, i have deleted some old shops that are no longer relevant/trustworthy. also, i am going to shift some less reputable shops out of the main tab. i’m also going to add the shop’s weibo link. 

if by some chance you rely very badly on my shopping sheet please create your own back up now, before i replace it with a new one. you still have a lot of time though because i’m not done with the new tab yet! (you can check out the very last tab to see my progress lol)


All suggestions are welcome by tumblr message or email!